The Role of a Toastmaster – Why use one?

20140726-DSC_3567-300x200 The role of a toastmaster - Why use one


Before I became a Toastmaster, I asked several friends what they thought the role of a toastmaster involved. The replies were somewhat varied but all pointed to the same conclusion. The general perception was of a professional who stands out as wearing a striking Red Coated uniform whose primary activity was to announce people – if only that was all we did!

While this conclusion is not incorrect, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Toastmasters are all the above but additionally they have the responsibility to really make an event!

However, we are not event or wedding planners and neither are they Toastmasters. They do the leg work in advance, but once the day comes, all they can do is cross their fingers. A Toastmaster however, can make their job complete, and for want of a better phrase we are the wedding plan or event “carry outers”. We take the plans of the host, or the planner, and make them work on the day.

As a Toastmaster or as sometimes described, Master of Ceremonies or event facilitator, to run an event with confidence requires much preparation, communication and quite often diplomacy in order to ensure everybody is happy and the event is a success.

Prior to the event, there are usually several conversations with you as the client and at least one in person meeting with you wherever possible, or failing that, a Skype call. On the day, it requires arriving in advance to ensure knowledge of the venue as well as creating links with all involved with the event.

My primary focus during the event is to ensure proceedings run to schedule and announcements are made clearly and correctly, leaving all those present with the impression that you, as the host, know above all how to entertain them in the best possible fashion. However, most importantly of all, by having me there affords you the chance to relax and enjoy the event as much as your guests.

So if you were wondering “why use one?”, remember events cost you money. When spending so much, there are 2 things to consider. Firstly, why leave anything to chance and let a professional run it for you, and secondly, wouldn’t you like to enjoy it too?

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