The Engaged Couples Guide To Getting MarriedBook-Cover The Engaged Couples Guide To Getting Married

During the long unengaging weeks of 2020 where my ability to guide others was cruelly taken away from me by the global pandemic, Covid-19, I set to work on putting together a simple guide to wedding etiquette that could be a help to couples getting married.

So here it is. Written in an observational tone, which gives you an idea as to who is responsible for what at a wedding. Initially observed in the past, but updated for the now. There are also hints and tips with regards to things you might wish to consider for your wedding, or one you are helping to plan, as well as even a chapter on virtual weddings, something which when I began to plan the book wasn’t even a thing people had tried before, let alone even thought of creating.

The book is available on Lulu and Amazon and is priced at £7.49. Please follow the link below which should take you to the book directly.

The Engaged Couples Guide to Getting Married

It is the ideal Christmas, Birthday or Engagement Gift for a couple.

If you wish to know more or you wish to ask any questions about the book or anything raised within it, please send me a message via my contact page with how I can get in touch with you and I will get right back.