Asian Wedding Toastmaster

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Asian Wedding Toastmaster

Since 2014 The Man in the Red Coat has attended over 100 different Asian Wedding Celebrations. What was so great about them was that many of the most recent ones were for couples who had seen him work at their friend or relative’s wedding at an earlier date.

Why is James, The Man in the Red Coat so popular when it comes to being an Asian Wedding Toastmaster?

Below are just some of what his customers say help make him stand out and why he has become so popular.

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The Asian Wedding Toastmaster

  • He is tall – normally a head and shoulders above most of the guests!
  • He is not Indian – Therefore the chance of a family relative coming over and changing the plans made by the bride and bridegroom is less likely to happen.
  • He does not get flustered by the erratic timing of some of the guests, or delays in catering for such large numbers
  • He is very aware that guests need to be well informed and most importantly well fed! So if timings need a juggle he copes well with delays ensuring that the all popular dancing time is not reduced if at all possible.
  • Highly appreciated is his ability to call out names with the correct pronunciation.
  • He does all this, with a smile whilst juggling all the variables as he goes.
  • Finally a fact: Less than 5% of all the Indian weddings James has been a part of have run later than 5 minutes behind schedule, in fact several were actually ahead of time by a few minutes!

James says…..

“As an Asian Wedding Toastmaster I enjoy the event. The colour, the spectacle and the culture. So whether you are a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh, or Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Pakistani or even Mauritian, I have the experience to guide you both during the run-up to the Ceremony and the full running of a Reception.

Lastly and not by least I enjoy being an Asian Wedding Toastmaster as unlike some of my peers, I am not phased by numbers so whether you have 80 or 800 guests makes no difference – in fact you could say, the more the merrier!”

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The Asian Wedding Toastmaster guides through cutting the Asian Wedding Cake

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The Asian Wedding Toastmaster Shows Respect

To find out how he can make a real difference to the coordination of your day, telephone him on 07773 229909 or send me an email to

Alternatively you can send him a message via the Enquiry form on the Contact page of this website.