The Wedding Toastmaster

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On the biggest day of your life, you want everything to run like clockwork. This is where James makes everything simple for you. As an experienced wedding toastmaster based in London, he will ensure the whole day runs without a hitch.

Let the Man in the Red Coat take charge of your wedding schedule. He covers any style of wedding and can assist with all the formalities, guiding all your guests and where applicable, giving confidence to those who may have to make a speech on the day.

The best wedding toasts

It can be quite daunting for the uninitiated to perform a wedding speech and for them to give an appropriate toast at the end, or during it. However, James makes everything seem easy. By providing notes if required, he ensures that all that needs to be said is covered and that the appropriate people are acknowledged and correct protocols and wherever possible etiquette is adhered to.

Additionally, he will liaise with event organisers, suppliers, caterers and entertainers, coordinating all, whilst guiding you through the proceedings and making everything memorable for you and your guests.

In a calm, controlled manner, James brings the spectacle of your wedding to life, making sure the day unfold as you want in an organised and disciplined way.

James is so much more than just a Man in a Red Coat. He’s the vital link that makes a massive difference between success or potential failure of your wedding. With James in control, everything is done for the best.

Why pick James as a toastmaster for weddings?

  • Vastly experienced at all types of weddings
  • Excellent people skills
  • Fellow of the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters
  • Has gavel and is happy to travel to your wedding
  • Tall, personable and easily identifiable
  • Takes pride in doing things correctly

Whatever style, theme or type of wedding you are planning James helps to make the day extra special.

Although James is a London based toastmaster his motto is “have gavel – will travel” and as such has assisted at events all over Europe.

Finally this may be your one and only wedding. In the 83 months between April 2013 and the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, The Man in the Red Coat has got married over 360 times! Or at least he has officiated at over 360 weddings. (That averages out at approximately one every weekend!) Therefore, use his experience to help guide you through the maelstrom of formalities that make up your day or as in some cultures, days and relax and enjoy it as much as your friends and family.

To book the best London wedding toastmaster, get in touch with The Man in the Red Coat.  You can speak to James directly by telephoning 07773 229909 or email him at

If you prefer, send James a message via the Enquiry Form and make contact with him today.