TMITRC-Announcer Voice of God Announcer

When it comes to making announcements there are those that you see, the “MC”, and those that you don’t, the “Voice of God Announcer”.

James Hasler, The Man in the Red Coat is both. He is best known for being a leading UK professional master of ceremonies and toastmaster, who is not afraid to stand up in front of a crowd of any size and guide them. However, he is also a professional voice artist, with vast experience of leading many events unseen as a professional “Voice of God Announcer.”

So whether you are just looking for an unseen, voice to guide all, or you are looking for a frontman to lead, then with James you have the choice of either.

Many have used him for both at events to great success with surprise, amusement and delight of the audience.

Because of his theatrical background he can adapt not only the style of his delivery, but also the sound of his delivery. So if you want a commanding almost military voice, or you would prefer something more “voice of the balls”, then give James a call and tell him what you need. It will only take a moment and you will know at once if he is right for you, or more importantly your audience.

For more information about James as a “Voice of God Announcer”, please get in touch with him via the contact page or visit James Hasler Voice where examples and samples of his voice work are on display for you to hear.