Formal Dinner and Events Toastmaster

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Why do you need a Formal Dinner and Events Toastmaster?

In certain societies, a formal dinner and events are part of life. They are perfect for networking, as well as meeting friends and colleagues to come together in a friendly yet formal atmosphere to relax, eat good food, taste fine wine, be entertained and hear speeches.

As these great occasions usually need to run to a tight schedule, to avoid penalty charges for overstaying at a venue, you will most likely need to ensure everything runs smoothly and to plan. That job falls to the Formal Dinner and Events Toastmaster.

As your formal dinner and events toastmaster, James will ensure that the evening is kept running to plan, whilst you’re able to relax and enjoy it yourself. The evening is guaranteed to flow at the right pace, not feeling rushed, when you hire him.

Previous events

Throughout his career as a formal dinner and events toastmaster, he has presided over many meals, including:

  • Corporate dinners
  • Civic dinners
  • City dinners
  • Masonic dinners

He has also had the privilege to work in some of the most wonderful halls and venues, not only in the City of London but further afield such as the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge.

How does a toastmaster improve your formal dinner?

It’s a toastmasters responsibility to make sure all proceedings run on time, and that everybody is where they need to be when they need to be. Everybody wants to be able to relax and therefore having someone guide them without the need to think for themselves makes for a much more relaxing affair.

As a formal dinner and events toastmaster he will run and announce every guest at any receiving line, should you choose to have one, and once dinner has been called, he will organise the processional line up and then lead it in at the relevant moment.

Any announcements will be made at the appropriate time, with the correct use of pre-nominals and in the correct order. Whilst many of your guests won’t know who should be announced when, the person being announced definitely will.

At the end of the night, he will assist the venue staff to guide your guests to the cars or taxis in a polite yet firm manner.

Whilst showing deference to the host, whether they’re the:

  • Chairman
  • Mayor
  • Master
  • President
  • Prime warden
  • Upper Bailiff

James will run your formal dinner with warmth and authority. It will be run to time, have a lasting impact on your guests and ultimately be a great success.

For more information about how he can be of assistance to you as a formal dinner and events toastmaster please contact James either via email at or phone him on 07773 229909.  Alternatively fill in the enquiry form on the contact page of this website.