Event Host, Moderator & Facilitator

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Using many of the skills and experience gained from over 30 years in the arts and industry James, The Man in the Red Coat, works regularly as an Event Host, Moderator & Facilitator at events throughout Europe.

A Front Man by any other name, who guides delegates and speakers through the maelstrom of activities that make up any great event while ensuring that it is kept to time wherever possible.

In this role it is rare to find The Man in the Red Coat actually in “The Red Coat” as he is more often than not seen wearing a suit and, when required, tie, or in whatever attire is deemed appropriate.

Events include:

  • Conferences
  • Symposia
  • Event Show Stands (where a schedule requires facilitation)
  • Press Conferences
  • Product Launches (Including Training Events)
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Not just The Man in the Red Coat but interviewer and conference host.

Why use James as you Event Host, Moderator & Facilitator?

What sets him apart from most is that with respect to conferences and symposia where there are speakers involved, he regularly supplies refresher courses in presentation skills, prior to the event. This guarantees the slickness and impressiveness of any of the delegates speeches and as such has a great impact on the event itself.

For more information about these services or to arrange a consultation please contact James on 07773 229909 or via email at james@themanintheredcoat.co.uk

Alternatively please fill in the Enquiry Form found on the Contact page.

Additionally for even more information about these services and other services offered by James Hasler when not wearing the Red Coat please follow the link to www.jameshasler.co.uk