Charity Auctioneer & Toastmaster

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All too often, a charity can end up spending too much money on production costs of fundraising events and as such not make so much money for their cause as a result. One example is hiring both a separate toastmaster and an auctioneer. So why not use someone who can do both?

When you hire The Man in the Red Coat, you will get a highly experienced toastmaster and charity auctioneer, immediately giving you more money to donate to your charity. He will help ensure that your production is run smoothly and in accordance with the schedule, leaving you lots of time to network and talk to old friends, safe in the knowledge that the event’s being taken care of.

Why choose James Hasler as your charity auctioneer toastmaster?

As well as having more than 30 years’ experience in customer service and dramatic arts, James has built up enormous skill as a toastmaster for all kinds of events, and has been involved with auctioneering as far back as 1984. This means he has all the necessary skills to both host your event as a master of ceremonies or toastmaster and to act as your charity auctioneer.

Being a charity auctioneer toastmaster, he can guide your guests through:

  • All the proceedings of the event
  • Fun and Games to spice up the event
  • A Raffle
  • A Silent Auction
  • and of course A Live Auction

Leaving you free to put more money towards your chosen charity.

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Charity Auctioneer and Toastmaster James Hasler say “The bid is with you sir”

Increase your bids with an experienced charity auctioneer toastmaster

Those years in the arts and entertainment industry have left him with a whole range of skills and experience to drastically increase the amount of money raised from your charity auction.

As The Man in the Red Coat, Black Coat or the attire most appropriate for your event, you’ll find your production with his help should raise a considerable amount of money.

For more information about his charity auctioneer toastmaster services and how they’ll improve your event, please contact him via email or call him on 07773 229909 today. Alternatively use the enquiry form on the contact page of this website.

“We are all in agreement that having you there was one of the best decisions we made, you really knew how to work the room and you took the pressure off me so I actually got to enjoy the evening! We also think you did a fantastic job with the auction, it made more than double what we were expecting, so was a great success, especially with raising so much money from the £10 note you donated!”

Katy Willmott Organiser of the Barratt Homes Princes Trust Rugby World Cup Fundraiser. August 2015