Awards Ceremony Toastmaster

CIAT1 Awards Ceremony Toastmaster

Awards ceremonies are events to celebrate achievements and talent. Whether this is recognizing academic achievement, acceptance into a guild or society, or even for winning a race, guidance is helpful to ensure smooth running. Where ceremonies have many awards to give out or have many guests arriving to take part in the celebrations, an awards ceremony toastmaster or master of ceremonies is essential to ensure the event is smooth running and to make sure it runs without a hitch, so everyone can enjoy it.

Why choose James Hasler as your Awards Ceremony Toastmaster?

He arrives at every awards ceremony dressed to fit in with the formality and tone of the event. While he is known as The Man in the Red Coat he performs just as well as The Man in the Black Coat, or Dark Blue Suit, or even fancy dress. Being 6’3’’ in height means he can offer an air of ceremony and purpose, ideal for recognizing the achievements of friends and co-workers.

Venues, particularly large striking venues, usually have strict timings that need to be adhered to. One of his key strengths is working closely with your other suppliers and venue staff to see that everything runs to a schedule. This will give you one less thing to worry about, so you can focus on the event itself and even get the chance to enjoy it like your delegates and their guests too.

Another area an awards ceremony toastmaster needs to be well versed at is the pronunciation of names. In Great Britain’s now multicultural world, we have long moved on from just traditional British surnames and getting the variety of names from around the world correct is something James excels at. He works hard to ensure that he is able to successfully call out any of the large variety of “global” names that are becoming more and more common at ceremonies held in this country and abroad, meaning your award recipient will feel amazing as well as valued and the quality and atmosphere of the ceremony is enhanced.

Dumbledore2555 Awards Ceremony Toastmaster

The Awards Ceremony Toastmaster morphs into Wizard Toastmaster for a themed awards ceremony.

Over the years, The Man in the Red Coat has certainly become a vital part of many awards ceremonies, being asked back time and time again by the same organizations. However, as mentioned earlier the Red Coat has been optional. Whether your event’s white tie, black tie or even themed, he will always dress correctly for the occasion. You can be certain of a high level of impact for your recipients and guests, as they network, catch up with old friends and acknowledge each other’s achievements.

For more information about how James can help you to make your awards ceremony even more special, email him at or telephone him on 07773 229909.

Alternatively you can send him a message via the Enquiry Form on the Contact page of this website for a response within 24 hours.