An Example of Service

Breakfast-Briefing-1-147x300 An Example of Service


Below is an example of my role as a Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies at a traditional wedding reception for most culture to assist you in understanding how my services work.

Before your wedding

Whether it’s a face-to-face meeting, a Skype conversation or over the phone, I’ll discuss with you your event and your requirements, and provide a quote for you based on our conversation (please note that I do not quote unless I’ve had a conversation.).

Based on our conversation and the quote I offer, it’s up to you whether or not you want to proceed with my services. Should you wish to proceed, we would have a follow up call to go through a number of questions to ensure I have all the details I need to give you the best service at your wedding.

Depending on the information you give me, I can offer advice on the correct forms of etiquette with regard to the wedding breakfast, speeches and timings.

3 days/72 hours before the day

I will contact you to ensure that everything’s running to plan, as well as to double-check the schedule of events in case there have been changes.

The Big Day

If there is a religious ceremony being held at a place of worship*, followed by a reception, I will be waiting to greet you at the reception venue, arriving at least an hour before. In that time, not only do I use this time to prepare my attire, but I familiarise myself with your venue and check with all the relevant and important people that they have the same schedule as I do.

I will then be on hand to help with the following:

  • Meeting and greeting your family and guests, guiding them and being on hand to assist in any way I can with directions and any questions they may have
  • Working with your catering staff to ensure drinks are ready for all who require them
  • Assisting your photographer and videographer with timings, as well as giving them the nod prior to any potential key moments
  • Working with your event and catering staff to ensure the wedding breakfast runs as smoothly as possible
  • In addition to forewarning the photographer, I would also organise the group photographs by getting the Bride and Groom’s parties lined up, and thus speeding up the process
  • Guiding your guests to table plans so they’re prepared for the wedding breakfast
  • Organise the receiving line (if required)
  • Calling your guests to breakfast (and reminding them of table plans if not already seen)
  • Announcing your guests at the receiving line (if required)
  • Informing your guests what is expected of them upon announcement of the wedding party
  • Announcing the arrival of the parents of the Bride and Bridegroom (if required)
  • Announcing the arrival of the bride and bridegroom at the wedding breakfast as well as leading them in
  • If required say grace or announce a guest to do so
  • Announcing to all as to how and when they should collect their food, if there is a buffet
  • Insuring that if there’s a guest book that it is circulated around all the tables and that, if provided, table cameras are used
  • Making sure that all who are to speak are ready and prepared
  • Announce the wedding speeches
  • Ensure any gifts and flowers are placed where they can be easily handed out by whoever is to do so
  • Announcing the cutting of the cake and guide the bride and bridegroom through it
  • Announcing and coordinating the throwing of the bouquet
  • Coordinate any games that may be played
  • Make any further announcements with respect to the guest book (if applicable) or to any other amusements that your guests can take part in, such as a photo booth
  • Once the meal is over, announce the departure of the Bride and Bridegroom from the wedding breakfast and at this time give out any announcements with respect to any room “change around”. Then lead the Bride and Bridegroom out.
  • Depending on if/when there is a first dance, I can be on hand to make any final announcements and to ensure all guests are forewarned
  • Once all is set for the dancing and further festivities, I would announce the return of the guests and the happy couple’s first dance. At this point would then hand over to the DJ or band as that would then conclude my normal run of duties
  • while all the above is taking place, I will be on constant duty, liaising with all those behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly so that the client truly has the best day of their lives

*If you’re having a civil ceremony in the same venue as your reception, I would ensure I’m on-site approximately up to 2 hours before the start of your ceremony to assist with the registrars and any early arrivals.

Whilst this example is for a wedding, the basic practice of co-ordination and communication applies to all the occasions at which I officiate. To find out more about how I can adapt my services to your event, please call 07773 229909. Alternatively, you can fill in an online enquiry form or email for a response within 24 hours.