The majority of the questions in this FAQ, refer to weddings, but many can equally apply to any event.

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This varies considerably depending on the job, the amount of pre-work I may have to do, how many people I have to manage, and the length of the Job itself. All I can say is that no job is too small and with prices starting from as little as £200 it could cost you considerably more not to consider me.

Me! All Toastmasters should operate in a similar fashion, but we are all different personalities and as such work in different ways. This is why you should never just engage one on price alone, as it is important that the person you hire is going to be right for you. The only way to find this out, is to have a conversation first. I am probably younger than the majority of Toastmasters, but not so young that I do not have presence or experience, and while I use every form of etiquette necessary to carry out a function correctly. Where a less formal approach is required I am very adaptable and not remotely stuffy, as some in my profession are perceived to be. See what some of my clients have said about me here

Without going into the history of the uniform the reason is very simply so we are easily seen and identified. It becomes very clear that The Man in the Red Coat is the one calling the shots and therefore he is the person to take instruction from, guiding you through the event. However, there are exceptions. Sometimes you will find us wearing “white tie”, where we wear a long black tailcoat in place of the red one and additionally when working in the City of London we wear “white tie” with a red and white sash representing the City of London Corporation. (“Corporation Sash”). However, in the less formal role of Master of Ceremonies I will come dressed as you think is most fitting for your event – I have even done events dressed in my “2012 Games Maker outfit”, as Albus Dumbledore of Harry Potter Fame and even as Star Wars Jedi, Qui-Gon Jin, as each was the most appropriate outfit in that case.

Very simply, the venue manager works for the venue and I as your Toastmaster work for you. My job is to be your eyes and ears and I concentrate on that job completely, while running the event to time and to your wishes. The venue manager may have your interests in mind, but will have all the other added distractions that come with running the venue and the event. They will also be “camouflaged” in a suit like most of your guests and as such will not have the impact or the air of authority to make the event run seamlessly.
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With no disrespect to any family members in particular, as some may be very well suited to the job, there are generally 5 reasons that immediately spring to mind.

  1. Wouldn’t they like to have the time to enjoy the event as well?
  2. Have they had the training to ensure that everything runs as it should do, without it looking amateurish?
  3. Are they covered by £5million worth of insurance, should they drop or damage something valuable?
  4. Do you really want to put the full responsibility of running the most important party of your life on their shoulders?
  5. How would you feel if something went wrong, heaven forbid? If they are a friend or family, that becomes very awkward.

Better to let a professional take that responsibility of making your day the success you wish it to be. You may only get married once, and therefore probably will not know what to expect on the day. My experience will guide you through the day so you have time to enjoy it as much as your guests.

In no particular order

  • To be discrete
  • To be seen when needed
  • To be heard when needed
  • To leave a lasting and favourable impression
  • To be adaptable to any situation
  • To be observant to not only the host’s needs, but also to those of their guests
  • To have attention to detail
  • To inspire confidence, not only in their (the Toastmasters) abilities, but also in those who feature as part of the event.
  • To be diplomatic and have the skills of a mediator!
No event is too small. I have worked with as few as 18 people and with over 2000, all of whom needed guidance to see them through their day in a relaxed and informed way. For parties or receptions anything over 50 becomes worth it and by the time you reach 125 plus it has become essential.
Working with and for such a wide variety of people. I am an avid team player and leader and always treat everyone with I work with as an equal and with respect. I find it makes for a much nicer place to work – for everyone

“You may not remember what I say, but you should remember how I made you and your guests feel.”

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