The Man in the
Red Coat®

Voice of God Announcer

“Bringing ‘impact’ to your announcements”.

Applying the full force of his theatrical experience, James can adapt not only the style of his delivery but also the characterisation. Click here to hear some of his work.

Many clients have used him for events (even in multiple languages) to great success and to the delight of the audience.

Maybe the need is for a commanding, “BBC news style”, or perhaps something more “Voice of Strictly”, then get in touch with James today to discuss requirements, it will only take a moment to discover if he is the right fit.

"The character of the Pay360 awards would not be the same without James. Not only does he provide a physical presence in the room at the beginning of the evening to ensure that it guarantees to start on time, every time, which is no mean feat given the large numbers of guests and award winners present, but he also becomes our Voice of God providing the unseen but clearly heard attributes as to why the winners were chosen by the judges, as they make their way to the stage for their awards. Clear, precise, a totally safe pair of hands and thoroughly recommended by us."

Maria Stavrou, Event Manager Pay360 Awards

Ready to find out more? Get in touch with James today.