The Man in the
Red Coat®


The Host, James Hasler.

He’s been known to don different coloured coats on occasions. With a truly dazzling array of skills and talents, he can provide the right hosting for any event.

International Conference and Corporate Event Host, Emcee and Compere

Corporate events require a warm and personable yet authoritative presence – things which James delivers effortlessly. From conferences, gala dinners, product/service launches to award ceremonies, he provides clear and culturally sensitive hosting throughout the event to ensure it exceeds your expectations.

Voice of God

James isn’t afraid to stand up in front of a crowd of any size as a host.

However, it does help that he is also a professional voice artist, so if you are looking for a Voice of God Announcer for your event then you are in safe hands with James.


Anchored in his experience of hosting and presenting, James provides speaker and speech training – perfect for anyone speaking for the first time or who wants to polish their technique.

Ready to find out more? Get in touch with James today.