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Say Hello to James Hasler.

James has played many roles over the past 30+ years but perhaps the most famous is “The Man in the Red Coat” which has seen him perform as one of the UK’s and internationally leading Event Hosts, Toastmasters and Fundraising Auctioneers, alongside other starring roles such as City of London Beadle, Voice of God professional and so much more!

Having trained as an actor coupled with working for some of the world’s most distinguished car brands including Saab, Jaguar and Aston Martin, has allowed James to develop a truly unique customer service experience, working with people from all walks of life and adapting to new situations with ease.

As such he’s equally at home with those at the sharp end, the shop or workshop floor, as he is with dealing with celebrity, senior politicians and even royalty in the UK and internationally.

Insider Knowledge

  • When not being an Event Host, Toastmaster and Auctioneer, James is also a Dad to a young daughter (by far the most difficult task of all) and has been married to his wife Rebecca for over 10 years. Together they love to go on campervan adventures (#vanlife)
  • One of James’ favourite aspects of his work is seeing individuals grow in confidence. With this in mind, he worked as a volunteer Games Maker for LOCOG in the role of team leader for the transport department at the London Olympic & Paralympic Games in 2012 and as a team leader for the 2021 Census.
  • As part of his role as a London Master of Ceremonies, he is also a City of London Beadle to many of the City’s Livery Companies. This is a highly ceremonial role filled with pomp and circumstance and involves a big staff and a gown with pompoms.
  • As part of his qualifications, he can officiate at Ship launching ceremonies – who knew!
  • In his first ten years in the role, he has managed to lose one and break two gavels (the 2nd at Mansion House when the hammerhead flew off), as well as lose a large bell! (The latter was stolen!)
  • He was the first person after Sir Michael Gambon to be fully made up as Albus Dumbledore in the Great Hall of Hogwarts (World of Harry Potter at Warner Bros Studios, Watford) where he moderated an Awards Ceremony for a FTSE50 company in character.
  • He is currently on his third red toastmaster jacket, the first did over 600 events, the second got damaged at an event. Hopefully the third will last as long as the first!
  • Finally, James is a fellow of the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters and won Toastmaster of the Year 2019.

Shapeshifting comes natural to James. Effortlessly wielding the skills of an event host, toastmaster and auctioneer, James is able to morph from one role to another with ease.

(Extensive knowledge of classic cars and how best to look after them is also available, enquire within!)

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