What’s the secret of a successful marriage? If you could bottle the answer to this million dollar question you would be an extremely wealthy person.

People marry for love. Over the years they share many happy experiences. During the course of the marriage, they’ll experience good times and work through the hard times together. A marriage is an institution, it can be beautiful and rewarding, but this union should never be taken for granted.

Couples work hard to make their marriage successful for a very good reason. They love one another! Therefore, if you could give a little advice on the subject what pearls of wisdom would you share?

Over the years in my role as a wedding toastmaster, I have had the pleasure to speak to many happy couples, this has included newly-weds and partners that are celebrating numerous years of marriage together. It never ceases to amaze me the different levels of advice they have to offer in relation to marriages, here I share genuine advice from real couples about what makes their marriage work so well.

The Best Marriage Advice You Can Share

You don’t have to like somebody to love them

No matter how madly in love you are with your husband or wife, there will be times when you have a disagreement over something trivial and might actually dislike each other for a while. This is natural human behaviour. You can still love somebody but not like them for a brief period. All strong marriages are built on the solid bedrock of love. There’s a strong likelihood you’ll dislike your partner at some point. As long as you love them, this feeling will soon pass.

Take time out for each other

Making time for one another is vitally important when you are married. People invest time in their careers and their own personal interests and hobbies, but they sometimes neglect one another. Regular date nights are just as vital when you are married as when you first get together as a couple. Make sure you dedicate regular time to each other, whether you catch a film at the cinema or go for a romantic meal. It’s healthy and good for your marriage.

Always support your husband or wife

Life is tough at times so you will need the support of your husband or wife during the difficult moments and the same goes for them. This is the beauty of married life. You can both be strong for one another and be there during the tough times to make things easier for one another. When your partner needs you, be there for them. You can bet they will be there for you when the roles are reversed.

Don’t keep secrets from one another

Marriages work best when you are totally honest and open with one another. Most of the happy couples I know say that keeping secrets is the worst thing you can do. This will only hurt your partner and damage your relationship when the truth comes out, which it inevitably will. Secrets can ruin the strongest of marriages so never hold things back and under no circumstance lie to your partner.

Give 100% at all times

Put all of your energy into your marriage. Some people say a marriage is a 50/50 split and both of you are equal partners. Whilst this is true, you still have to give 100% at all times to nurture your relationship. Give everything you have to your marriage and reap the rewards.

Be ready to say you’re sorry

If you are in the wrong don’t be too proud to admit it. Say you are sorry and ask for forgiveness. Those two little words can be extremely effective in getting your marriage back on track in double quick time.  It takes a strong person to admit they are wrong but it also shows you are genuinely remorseful for your actions and want to put things right as soon as possible.

Forgive and forget

People make mistakes so be prepared to forgive your partner if they have done something wrong and broken the trust bond that lies between the two of you. This could be something minor or something slightly more serious. It’s how you deal with the situation that makes your marriage a success. Forgiveness is a brilliant quality that can actually make your marriage stronger.

Show encouragement

Always encourage your spouse to be the best they can be. Never criticise them, instead, praise them for who they are, what they do, and what they want to achieve. The greatest people in life have strong partners by their side offering encouragement, support and love through all stages of their marriage.

Keep working hard

Complacency is dangerous. Never take your spouse for granted and always work hard to nurture and cultivate your marriage. Speak to any married couple that has been together for a number of years and they will tell you that both partners have to keep working hard at their marriage to keep the sparkle there.

Love unconditionally, laugh often, and live for today

Love your partner with all your heart. Spare the time to enjoy the fun things in life together and make sure you make your spouse laugh out loud at least once a day. Enjoy every special moment together and never put off doing anything you can do today with one another. The beauty of marriage is you want to do amazing things with the love of your life.

Whilst there is no perfect recipe for a successful marriage it wouldn’t do any harm to follow some of this advice. As a successful wedding toastmaster, I have had the privilege to provide speeches, toasts and help organise many different types of weddings. I’m also lucky to meet the parents and grandparents of couples that are getting married. They often tell me stories of what works or what has worked for them during their marriage life.

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