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Why Use A Toastmaster?

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Why use a Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies? Two good reasons are, firstly it gives gravitas and style to any ceremony or event and secondly, for the hosts, a Toastmaster will reduce the level of stress during the event in order that they can relax and actually enjoy the occasion as much as their guests.


What Type of Events?

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From wedding celebrations for all cultures, to bar and bat mitzvahs and from state occasions to formal events such as civic, masonic or city livery company dinners, fundraisers, awards nights and launches, James the Toastmaster is on hand to ensure the smooth, seamless running of the event; assisting all involved, keeping it to time and observing appropriate protocols where applicable.


Why You Can Choose James

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James’ professional experience has led him to believe that “people buy people”. He has a background in customer service and training, and has had the privilege to work with and serve people from all walks of life. It is this wide and varied experience that he uses to the best of his abilities, that he believes will be of benefit to you.


Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies in London and throughout the World

If you’ve planned a large event, you’ll know just how easily everything can become disorganised and chaotic. Having a Toastmaster or Professional Master of Ceremonies to help you run it is about so much more than engaging someone wearing a red coat who makes announcements. They should take your plans and run with them to make them work, and wherever possible, to schedule too.

What does a Toastmaster do?

They become the chief coordinator and communicator that links all that makes up your event. Throughout it they will focus on keeping your proceedings running to time by working close with all your other suppliers and they will keep everyone informed, both suppliers and guests or delegates, making all announcements clearly and by using the correct protocols and etiquette when appropriate. To achieve this any proficient Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies will require ample preparation, communication and diplomacy skills to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Why should you choose The Man in the Red Coat?

With over 30 years in business, as well as performing arts, he has amassed considerable experience in offering Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies services’ for a variety of events, meaning that he knows exactly how to run yours efficiently and with as much impact as possible. However, unlike many Toastmasters he has the skills and ability to adapt his delivery specifically to your requirements, after all a wedding is a completely different affair to a City dinner. By having James as your Toastmaster, you should be able to enjoy your event just as much as your guests. However, there are plenty more reasons to hire The Man in the Red Coat for your event:

  • He is a Fellow of the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters, proving his training credentials and level of skill
  • He is among other things a presentation skills trainer. Therefore he is perfectly placed, to coach and guide those who need extra confidence when making speeches, such as Bridegrooms and Best Men at weddings or speakers at Conferences or Symposia.
  • At 6’3’’, he is easy to identify, with or without the red coat.
  • He enjoys and takes pride in helping people achieve the perfect event.
  • He is very personable, conscientious and diplomatic – essential qualities for a good Toastmaster.
  • He is more than happy to travel anywhere in the world, within reason to carry out his work.

Events James can be found acting as Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies at include:

  • Weddings of all kinds culture and religion, including Jewish, Chinese and Asian
  • Gay weddings and civil partnerships
  • Corporate events, including product launches, parties and awards ceremonies
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Birthday parties
  • Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs
  • City functions, including Ward Club lunches and Livery dinners
  • Masonic functions, including Ladies Nights
  • Speciality events such as Burns Night Suppers and Gala Balls
  • Charity fundraisers, acting both as event facilitator and auctioneer

Additionally James is a professional Conference host, moderator and facilitator.

Therefore, please note that although James is known as The Man in the Red Coat, he is happy to dress in whatever outfit is most appropriate to your event. As such he is not just The Man in the Red Coat!

For more information about his services as a Toastmaster, Master of Ceremonies or auctioneer, such as pricing, please follow directions on the contacts page or telephone him on 07773 229909 directly.

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